Glossary of Terms

Animated Banner
An ad made up of a series of frames, a banner that "moves". The advantage of an animated banner is that an advertiser can present multiple messages within one ad space.

A sequence of frames presented at a sufficient speed to form a smoothly moving image like a video.

An image used as a form of advertising, placed on a web page and linked to the advertiser's website.

Bitmap Image (bmp)
An image made of dots called pixels, arranged in a specific way to form a pattern. Because a bitmap is a collection of arranged pixels its parts cannot be manipulated individually. Increasing the size of a bitmap has the effect of increasing individual pixels, while reducing the size distorts the original image because pixels are removed to reduce the overall image size.

A multimedia system from Adobe, Flash is browser-independent, vector-graphic animation technology. It allows users to create their own animation and add interactivity. Flash files are compact and efficient and that contributes to their popularity on the Web today.

A set of text characters in a particular style and size. A font includes all the letters in the alphabet (upper- and lower-case), the numbers from 0 to 9, symbols and punctuation marks.

Abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. It's one of the two most common file formats for graphic images on the Web. The other is the JPEG. Gif supports up to 256 colors and various resolutions.

A unit of information on top of each page; a name or title used at the top of Web sites.

Referred to more commonly as a link; it's an element (text, symbol, image, etc.) in a document that points to and causes to display another document either in the same or a different website when clicked with a mouse.

Pronounced "jay-peg", it stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It's a symmetrical compression technique for images. Although it can reduce files sizes to about 5% of their normal size, some detail is lost in the process.

A graphic element which represents a distinctive company symbol, signature, or trademark.

Pronounced "ping"; short for Portable Network Graphics, PNG is a file format for image compression similar to GIF. It was designed for transferring images on the Internet. The advantage of PNG is that a file can be decompressed without losing image information during viewing.

Rich Media
An Internet term for a Web page advertisement that uses advanced technology such as streaming video and applets (programs) that interact instantly with the user, and ads that change when the user's mouse is placed over it.

Static Banner
An ad made of one image and linked to the advertiser's website.

Stands for Uniform Resource Locator; it's the unique address for a file on the Internet. In order to go to a specific website you have to enter its URL in the address line of your browser. An URL consists of the name of the protocol (such as http), a domain name, and a path. For example:

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